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WCSM-48/12 Heavy-wall standard tubing size 48/12 - Adhesive Lined

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WCSM-48/12 Heavy-wall standard tubing size 48/12 - Adhesive Lined

Te Connectivity / Raychem WCSM-48/12-1000 Heavy Wall standard tubing for insulating and sealing power cables and accessories. This material is halogen-free, non-toxic, non-corrosive, free of lead/aluminium and UV resistant.

Various Pack Sizes - See below for Options and Pricing

Supplied in 1 mtr lengths

Excl. VAT: £19.94 Incl. VAT: £23.93

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Excl. VAT: £19.94 Incl. VAT: £23.93
Product Info


Raychem WCSM-48/12-1000S heat shrinkable Halogen-free Heavy-wall insulating tubing.

Size 48/12 Adhesive Lined Heat Shrink Tubing.

Raychem WCSM is a heat-shrinkable heavy-wall tubing for insulating and sealing power cables and accessories. In this tubing, the electrical and physical properties of a cable oversheath material are combined with ruggedness and easy installation. The material used is halogen-free and UV resistant.

On heating, WCSM tubing recovers to a smaller diameter, fitting tightly over a wide range of cable sizes and accessories because of its high shrink ratio.

Raychem WCSM tubing’s mechanical strength enables immediate back-filling of cable trenches after jointing. Widely used to insulate, protect and seal power cable joints, accessories and electrical connections, it is one result of our extensive capability in materials technology.

For use on standard poly- or elastomeric -insulated/jacketed cables or lead-jacketed cables, which may include aluminium or steel armouring.

Use uncoated tubing (-A/U and /U) for cable rejacketing and mechanical protection only.

Connectors over 6 inches: Recommended cut length = connector length + 5 inches.

Connectors up to 6 inches: Recommended cut length = connector length + 4 inches.

WCSM tubing has a 3:1 shrink ratio and an unlimited shelf life when stored under normal conditions.

Te Connectivity Electronics Raychem is one of the world leaders in the technology of heat-shrinkable materials and one of the largest producers of heat-shrinkable polymeric and elastomeric components. By electron beam radiation Raychem materials are given an “elastic memory”. They can then be installed over variously-shaped objects to make a tight, insulating or fluid-resistant cover. In a wide range of formulations, Raychem products are engineered to meet the specific demands of the growing world of energy.

  • Low voltage insulation
  • Protection against moisture and pressure
  • Mechanical protection
  • Corrosion protection (with approved sealing materials only)

Characteristics at a glance:

  • Cross-linked polyolefin, Thick wall
  • Available inline coated with Hot melt adhesive
  • Color black, shrinkage ratio 3 : 1
  • Resistant to chemical agents
  • Stabilized against UV rays
  • Halogen-free, non-corrosive, free of lead and aluminium
  • High tensile strength and mechanical robustness
  • Suitable for heat-shrink applications, approved for marine, offshore and shipbuilding applications

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