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PVC Coated Harness Yarns VN-4400 Regular Performance

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PVC Coated Harness Yarns VN-4400 Regular Performance
Regular Performance vinyl coated yarns designed for the braiding harness type constructions of electrical wiring systems.
1 box containing 18kg
Excl. VAT: £333.11 Incl. VAT: £399.73
Product Info


Product: VN-4400 EY Technologies

Part No: HTP55VN02853164010068-BLACK

PVC has long been recognized for exceptional weathering peformance, moisture resistance and abrasion resistance.

These basic properties are built on by compounding additives for cold flexibility, fire resistance, and resistance to engine fluids. PVC also provides abrasion resistance and a uniform surface for ease of braiding for protection of wire assemblies.

Regular Performance: VN-4400 is vinyl coated nylon yarns designed for the braiding of harness type construction of electrical wiring systems.


These performance properties include:

  • Weathering
  • Moisture Resistance
  • Abrasion Resistance


Core Yarn

All our braid yarns are constructed with high tenacity, nylon multifilament. Maximum service temperature 225°F (107°C). (One caution is that concentrated acids degrade nylon.)


Standard colors include black but can also be supplied in yellow and gold (Contact us for details)



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