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Replacement Wire for KD51S Hot Wire Foam Cutter

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Replacement Wire for KD51S Hot Wire Foam Cutter
Replacement Wire for ALUCUTTER-51S Hot Wire Foam Cutter. Fast and easy to replace the wire.
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Excl. VAT: £12.30 Incl. VAT: £14.76

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Excl. VAT: £12.30 Incl. VAT: £14.76
Product Info


This is a replacement wire for the Hot Wire Foam Cutter - ALUCUTTER-51S

Information on our ALUCUTTER-51S Hot Wire Foam Cutter

Particularly lightweight, however stable and corrosion-proof, aluminium construction serves for convenient lifting and support on the scaffolds. This lightweight device, which can be carried effortlessly to a height on the construction site and suspended with a handle on the scaffold, has its niche between the simple handiwork devices such as the ALUCUTTER-51 and the professional machines of the ALUCUTTER PRO.

With integrated scaffold suspension - Suspend on the scaffold and start work! In case of work with large non-plasticized foam slabs, the side support prevents the unintentional sliding of the non-plasticized foam slab during cutting. The ALUCUTTER-51S can also be later extended by the side support.

Our ALUCUTTER-51S Hot Wire Foam Cutter will get those unwieldy blocks or sheets of Styrofoam knocked down to manageable sizes. Widely used by everyone from Sculptors to Roofers. It is ideal for cutting Styrofoam and Similar synthetic insulating materials. This Hot Wire Cutter comes attached to measuring table that would be ideal for vertical and angled cuts.

Scaffold support fixture: The scaffold support fixture enables fast fixing of the non-plasticized foam cutter. On the scaffold: Place on tighten screws - ready!

Limit stop rider: A small detail, but important in practice: This non-plasticized foam cutter is equipped with limit stop rider. In this way, rapid and precise repeat cuts can be implemented.

Transformer: The transformer is already assembled on the device and the non-plasticized foam cutter is ready for action immediately.

  • Cut length: 1,350mm
  • Cut depth: 330mm
  • Slab support surface: 1,000mm
  • Side placement surfaces: 400mm
  • Frame: Welded and powder-coated aluminium
  • Bow: Powder-coated aluminium with ball-bearing supported guide
  • Bow adjustment range: 0-90°
  • Weight: 14 kg
  • Transformer power with thermo-protection: 220-230V / 50-60 Hz / 37 V, 160 VA / IP 68

Benefits compared to the standard bow cutters include:

  • Measuring table ensures accurate vertical cuts
  • Table set up also allows accurate angled cuts
  • A defined depth of cut can be set, to ensure accurate cut out of blocks.
  • Can also be used in building and packaging industry.

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