HC350 Replacement Blade

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HC350 Replacement Blade
HCB350 - Replacement Blade for the HC350 Bench Mountable Hot Knife Foam cutter.
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Hot Knife HCB350 Replacement Blade - for use with our HC350 Hot Knife Cutter.


Below is information on the HC350 Bench Mountable Hot Knife Cutter

Hot Knife Foam / Rope cutter which is bench mountable and for general use. It is a constant usage cutting unit, designed to cut rope up to 50mm in diameter with the blade ontop of the cutting unit.

This cutter gives a clean neat cut that also seals the rope to prevent fraying.

  • 30 W 230-240V Operation
  • Fitted with BS1363 3 pin mains plug (standard)
  • HCB350 cutting blade included
  • Size of Blade: 50mm Wide x 7mm Deep
  • Operates continuously when switched on
  • Comes with Wire Cleaning Brush and Manual




This is a high quality low cost Hot Knife Cutter that will perform every time.



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