Steinel HL 2020 E Hot Air Tool with LCD Display 230V Kit with Case & Nozzle

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Steinel HL 2020 E Hot Air Tool with LCD Display 230V Kit with Case & Nozzle
Electronically controlled hot air tool HL 2020 E with LCD Display. Comes in Professional Plastic Case and with a 9mm Reduction Nozzle.
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Electronically controlled Steinel hot air tool HL 2020 E 230V with Case & Nozzle

The master class. Electronically controlled hot air tool HL 2020 E with LCD. Professional technology for shaping tiles, desoldering circuit boards, welding plastics, drying repair filler, shrinking cable sleeves, soldering pipes and a whole lot more. Adjustable by joy stick from 80°C - 630°C in 10°C steps. Residual heat indicator to prevent burns.

Supplied in plastic Case and includes 9mm reduction nozzle. HL Scan sold separately >>>

For passionate DIYers. In professional quality. The HL 2020E hot air tool is extremely robust, promising to last a good 20% longer than its predecessor. Professional extras: the residual heat indicator warns the user that the de;livery nozzle is still hot and can cause burns even long after the tool has been umplugged. And the joystick permits intuitive operation and use. And talking of use: the HL 2020 E hot air professional is designed for all STEINEL nozzles and , delivering hot air at a temperature of up to 630°C, the ideal tool for your applications with accurately adjustable heat as well as a powerful blower. The current working temperature and airflow rate is indicated on the LCD display which is easy to read at any light level. The tool immediately responds to heat build-up by indicating a warning triangle on the display.

Benefits: LCD display, residual heat indicator for optimum protection and ergonomic operation by joystick. Airflow rate adjustable in three stages (150 / 150-300 / 300-500 I/min). Optionally available fine-dust filter and HL Scan for measuring temperature at the workpiece.

Nozzles that are compatible with this product!

Steinel Surface Nozzle 50mm >>>View<<<

Steinel Surface Nozzle 75mm >>>View<<<

Steinel Reflector Nozzle >>>View<<<

Steinel Reduction Nozzle 9mm >>>View<<<

Steinel Reduction Nozzle 14mm >>>View<<<

The mains power cord is very easy to replace by removing the cap on the handle.

HL 2020 E

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