Steinel HL Stick Compact Hot Air Gun

Steinel HL Stick Compact Hot Air Gun
Perfect solution for all Electricians - The HL1610S Electricians Kit has 2 heating and airflow stages and is ideal for standard hot-air applications.
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Hands free. Compact hot air gun HL Stick for heating with pinpoint precision, ideal for craft and model-making. Practical, easy to grip and lightweight, hand-held and self-resting tool in one, sensational standing stability, with integrated LED work light, includes 4 attachment nozzles.

Anyone who's held it knows: the HL Stick is one of the most versatile compact hot air guns there is - the friend of all model-makers and craft enthusiasts.
Steinel HL Stick

The HL Stick can do more or less everything that's expected of a hot air gun. And a bit more besides. With its handy size and low weight, it is ideal for getting the trickiest of jobs done with maximum precision. The perfectly stable standing surface allows you to work hands-free. Being so compact, the HL Stick can get in everywhere, even at hard-to-reach places, such as inside models and other cavities. At poorly illuminated places, the integrated LED work light is an indispensable assistant for high-precision heating. The compact multitalent comes with 4 attachment nozzles: the reduction nozzle with a diameter of 7 mm increases airflow temperature to 500°C for concentrated heating. The precision nozzle (4.5 mm in diameter) can heat workpieces with pinpoint accuracy. And the two reflector nozzles (10 mm and 40 mm in diameter) make it posssible to fit heat-shrinkable tubings in all sizes - from spot heating to heating large areas.

 This Heat Gun is not Compatible with the Temperature Scanner HL Scan



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