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TMS-CCUV SLEEVE x 65MM. Heat Shrink Tubing, Oversleeve.

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TMS-CCUV SLEEVE x 65MM. Heat Shrink Tubing, Oversleeve.

Marker Protection Sleeve TMS-CCUV-SLEEVE-X-65MM. Heat Shrink Tubing, Oversleeve. Exceptional clarity and stability. Heat-shrink locking in place (no reliance on adhesives).

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From: Excl. VAT: £49.99 Incl. VAT: £59.99
Product Info


The TMS-CCUV-SLEEVE-X-65MM is a clear Heat Shrink Marker and Sleeve made of radiation cross-linked fluoropolymer with 3:1 shrink ratio. The sleeves are designed for over protection of TMS System Six identification products, to give increased protection for permanent, long-term environmental exposure and formulated to combine a long-term barrier to the effects of ultra-violet, with tough resistance to abrasion and industrial fluids.

The TMS CCUV sleeves are inherently low profile and use the action of heat-shrink to lock in place over the previously installed identification sleeves, except for cable markers which use a slide fitting CCUV sleeve which is held in place by the cable ties. The action of heat-shrink locking of the CCUV sleeves means there is no reliance on the long term performance of adhesives to hold the outer protection layer in place and also gives the ability to accommodate cables and wire bundles which may be bent or flexed during use.


  • Exceptional clarity and stability
  • Added UV-resistant sleeves
  • Heat-shrink locking in place (no reliance on adhesives)
  • Low profile
  • Tough resistance to abrasion and industrial fluids
  • Accommodates bent or flexing cable/wire bundles


Power Management, Automotive, Safety, Aerospace, Defence, Military, Medical, Industrial

Applications include protection of wire and cable markers subject to abuse; bundling and jacketing of wires and cables to protect them from mechanical and chemical abuse while permitting full inspectability of the item covered; and protection of electronic components without losing the ability to identify the part.
Temperature rating  
Operating temperature range –55°C to +150°C –67°F to 302°F
Minimum recovery temperature +150°C +302°F
Maximum storage temperature +40°C +104°F

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