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Speed Ramp Flow Plate

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Speed Ramp Flow Plate

Flow plates are also known as Directional plates they are designed to stop traffic from travelling in one direction but allow vehicles to pass in the opposite direction freely and without restriction.

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Excl. VAT: £141.75 Incl. VAT: £170.10
Product Info


The plates are bolted and secured to the surface where they want to be used using fixings, which are suitable for either tarmac & concrete.

The Hilltop traffic control plates consist of a small ramp which allows traffic to drive over it carefully and, upon doing this, the spring mechanism lowers the raised plated so cars are able to pass over it safely. The ramp and spring mechanism then return to the upright position, so that motor vehicles are restricted from travelling in the opposite direction of the ramp or reversing over it once they have driven past.


The traffic ramps are useful for calming and easing the flow of traffic in busy areas as they guide traffic into using a one-way system. It also encourages drivers to use particular exits and entrances rather than using both, which could possibly lead to accidents and bottleneck traffic jams.

Speed Ramp Flow Plate Diagram


Hilltop Flow plates can be used in any location that sees a lot of passing traffic from cars and light commercial vehicles and consequently requires traffic control.

All fixings and bolts required for securing these products to tarmac and concrete surfaces are included in the purchase

Whilst not a legal requirement we would recommend that you also add signage to any road where flow plates are to be used and also advise road users of the recommended speed limit


Car parks often have a one-way system in place to filter traffic in, around and out of the space easily and quickly, causing as little stress and upheaval for drivers as possible.

They can also be installed on the upper levels of multi-story car parks without causing damage, a unique advantage of these devices.

Entrances and exits of any establishment. Many places have a separate entrance and exit gates or pathways, and to prevent people from leaving or entering via the wrong route,

Hilltop flow plates can be installed into the ground. The parking plates can be mounted onto tarmac and concrete surfaces easily and without hassle.


These products are suitable for passing cars and light commercial vehicles. Please note, these products are not suitable for HGVs

Plates are a deterrent to wrong direction travelling, but with care, it is possible to drive over them the wrong way (for example in an emergency)

Please note: These products are designed to be used for traffic travelling at less than 5 miles per hour.

  • Flow plate dimensions 90(H) x 390(W) x 550(D)mm
  • High visibility safety yellow coating
  • Assists in enforcing one-way traffic flow
  • Bolts for concrete or tarmac are also included
  • Much easier to install than 'sunken' plates
  • Product weight: 24.2kg
  • Unsuitable for low suspension cars - clearance below car must be 100mm

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