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Microbore Silicone Tubing / Tube - Carp Fishing Tackle

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Microbore Silicone Tubing / Tube - Carp Fishing Tackle
Choice of three Colours - This silicone tubing is perfect fro holding the hair in place on the hook, just match the correct diameter tubing to the hook size you are using.
1.5 mtr pack
Excl. VAT: £4.62 Incl. VAT: £5.54

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Excl. VAT: £4.62 Incl. VAT: £5.54
Product Info


Brand New Silicone Tubinging - 1.5 mtr pac

Choice of colours:

  • Gravel / River stone Grey - 0.7mm I/D
  • Weedy Green - 0.7mm I/D
  • Muddy Brown - 0.5mm I/D



  • Low diameter construction
  • Secures the hair to hook shank


Here at Hilltop Products we manufacture the above sleeving on site for a number of leading fishing tackle manufacturers. This silicone tubing is perfect fro holding the hair in place on the hook, just match the correct diameter tubing to the hook size you are using.

By secruing the hair this will reduce tangles as the hair has restrictive movement. The other major benefit is that the silicone will help hook the catch hold more efficiently bly flipping it into the carps mouth.

Try our product and I am sure that you will find it to be of the same high quality, if not identical to the more famous 'branded' silicone tubing available to buy online.

Not only does rig tubing stop the hook link from wrapping around the main line on the cast preventing a tangle, it also stops the fish coming in contact with the line during the fight. This is a vital safety aspect of the rig which we feel should not be ignored.

The tubing has a matt finish, which makes it harder to see underwater and most importantly easy to thread.


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Additional Information



Always cut the line to a point and straighten it out first before trying to thread it down the tube. Curly line with a flattened end is almost impossible to thread! Our tube comes in large packets so the coils are kept as big as possible. It is also very supple so it straightens straight out of the packet.

In winter, it may be necessary to warm it through your fingers to straighten it out before threading. If you take tubing off and you’re intent to reuse it then slide it up and down a tight line to get the silt etc out of the middle. It is dry gunk up inside the tube, which makes it so hard to thread a second time.

You can leave line inside it and use it to pull a new bit through next time by simply tying an overhand knot around the new line and carefully pulling through. If you are pushing the tube into the top of a rubber, then cut it to a point before threading. The pointed tube pushes much easier into the rubber.

Never glue the join as it makes it brittle, which will then snap after repeated use. When your tube has finally come to the end of its life cut it up into inch lengths put it in your tackle box and use it for hair stops.

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