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Heat Reflective Woven Glass Fibre Heat Shield Reflectotherm Sleeving 20mm

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Heat Reflective Woven Glass Fibre Heat Shield Reflectotherm Sleeving 20mm

This sleeving is a low profile, easy to apply solution for the component it protects.

Now available in sheet/roll form - Click Here!

Order in multiples of 1 mtrs to receive a continuous length, up to the next price break at 5 mtrs

For example, 4 x 1 mtrs will be delivered as a continuous 4 mtr length

Excl. VAT: £8.39 Incl. VAT: £10.07

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Excl. VAT: £8.39 Incl. VAT: £10.07
Product Info


High Temperature Reflective Sleeving size 20mm

When buying 1-4 mtrs, this will be supplied in a continuous length. For example: purchase 3 x 1mtr Pack and get a 3 mtr continuous length.

REFLECTOTHERM is a range of highly reflective, woven glass fibre reinforced sleevings for use in protecting components from both radiant and conductive heat sources. The outer aluminium maintains a highly reflective finish with the inner layer of woven glass fibre offering significant thermal insulation. Approved and utilised in such prestigious products as Aston Martin

REFLECTOTHERM coverings are constructed of a woven E glass fabric with aluminium foil laminated to its outer surface utilising a resilient high temperature adhesive. the sleeve is formed by folding the material and sewing the edge with an Aramid or Fibre-glass thread. To minimise fraying the glass fabric is treated with a suitable high temperature thermal insulation.

REFLECTOTHERM is a low profile, and easy to apply solution for the component it protects.

Typical Applications:

This Heat Reflective Woven Glass Fibre Sleeving offers superior thermal protection to components, especially in the Automotive Industry, where they are in close proximity to engines and exhaust systems. The sleeving is typically used to cover/protect:-

  • Engine wire harnesses
  • Hoses and tubing
  • A/C line
  • Hydraulic and fuel lines
  • Control cables


Features & Benefits:

  • Working temperature: 200°C
  • Flexible
  • Fluid and chemical resistant
  • Easy installation



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