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Pyloseal 1KG - Premium Electrical Jointing Compound

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Pyloseal 1KG - Premium Electrical Jointing Compound

With its advanced formulation, Pyloseal offers superior galvanic corrosion protection & improves connectivity by sealing out air and moisture. 

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Excl. VAT: £30.44 Incl. VAT: £36.53

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Excl. VAT: £30.44 Incl. VAT: £36.53
Product Info


With its unique blend of Anti Corrosive pigments, Pyloseal was formulated to prevent galvanic corrosion and to enhance the connection in electrical joints whilst assuming a high conductivity joint by sealing out air and moisture to prevent corrosion and reformation of the oxide film.

Especially effective when used on aluminium to aluminium and aluminium to copper connections, on all bare conductors and bus bars.
Pyloseal should be used in all aluminium to aluminium and aluminium to copper joints.

Pyloseal can be used in jointing applications, transformers and switchgear

Designed to be used throughout High Voltage Power network applications, this product is especially useful in offshore, marine and coastal applications.

The components within the joint should be thoroughly clean by abrading e.g. wire brushing. Then apply the Pyloseal liberally with a brush to the surfaces and any remove any excess after securing the joint.


Mixture & Concentration

  • Highly Refined Mineral Oil CAS Number: >60%
  • Trizinc bis(orthophosphate): <5%
  • Zinc Oxide: Concentration: <2% 

For detailed information see data sheet.


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