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Titanium Roofing Propane Gas Blow Torch Kit With 5m Hose

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Titanium Roofing Propane Gas Blow Torch Kit With 5m Hose

High-Quality Titanium Roofing Propane Gas Blow Torch Kit complete with 5-metre flexible ruber hose, propane torch burner, special roofing neck tube, a high-quality 'bi-material' handle with trigger and swivel attachment, alongside a robust propane regulator!


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Excl. VAT: £134.99 Incl. VAT: £161.99
  • Buy 2 for £129.99 (£155.99 incl. tax) each
  • Buy 3 for £126.00 (£151.20 incl. tax) each
Product Info


Our Titanium Roofing Propane Gas Blow Torch Kit is perfectly crafted ensuring that everything you need for both performance and work comfort comes complete in one kit! This Titanium, premium made, Propane Roofing Gas Blow Torch Kit with heavy duy burners are perfect for rooders wanting to carry out professional roofing jobs. 
This kit is both high-powered and light in weight making it the perfect choice roofing torch, The applications also extend beyond roofing, This kit is ideal for drying, bitumen laying as well as being a perfect choice for detail work on roofs, road works, alongside a variety of heat demanding applications.

  • High capacity power burners with extremely strong and windproof flames for roofing works and for large-scale heating applications
  • Short burners for detail work on roofs and other heating applications such as preheating before welding and shrinking on pipelines
  • Long burners for field torching

NOTE: Torch hoses should be replaced once every 3 years under intensive use. Once every 5 years under regular use.

This Kit Contains:

  • 50mm Titanium burner.
  • 400mm Neck tube.
  • 4 Bar HP Regulator.
  • 'Bi-material' Handle with trigger.
  • 5-metre Flexible rubber hose.
  • Bitumen Laying
  • Detail work on Roofs
  • Roadworks 
  • Welding Pre-Heating
  • Melting Ice & Snow
  • Heat demanding applications

Our Titanium Premium made Propane Roofing Gas Blow Torches with Heavy-duty burners are ideal for drying, bitumen laying and detail work on roofs, road works and other heat demanding applications like preheating before welding, melting snow and ice etc. 

Characteristics Burner diameter (mm) 70 mm
Power (BTU) 150T : 511500 at 4 bar
Consumption (g/h) 10860 at 4 bar
Flame length (mm) 1000 mm

Spec Sheet Spec Sheet
Directions for Use Spec Sheet

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