Winter’s here, and Christmas is very much on the way, which means we’ve got all sorts of fun and excitement to look forward to.

There’s decorating our homes, picking out presents and having lots of fun with family and friends. ‘Tis the season to be jolly… but if you’re not aware of the hazards that come with Christmastime it could also be the season to be sorry.

So how do avoid the frightening festive pitfalls that come with the Christmas period? It’s easy, just follow these simple tips:

3 Christmas Dangers to Watch Out For

1. Cables and Electricity

It’s not just your carbon footprint that’s affected by yuletide mania. There are more immediate dangers to worry about too. From fairy lights on the Christmas tree, to the kind which are wrapped around banisters or the ones that hang from the gutter on your roof, electric Christmas lights are everywhere at this time of year and so are the cables which bind them all.

The problem is that overusing certain power sockets causes them to overheat. This could lead to sparks which create a fire, or even worse could lead to an electric shock.

In addition there’s the hazard caused by the wires: they can trip people up and they can also be gotten to by children or pets. A cable bundling or grouping solution like cable ties or heat shrink tubing can help you to organise your Christmassy tripwires and keep them out of the way of smaller members of the family.

2. Christmas trees and fire

It wouldn’t be Christmas without a Christmas tree, although it might be a little bit safer. Christmas tree can become dry and when they do, they become particularly dangerous fire hazards. Entire trees can be engulfed in seconds, and the aforementioned electricity sparks are a major culprit.

Of course, they’re far from the only fire hazard around; there’s wrapping paper, gift boxes, Christmas cards, open candles and more.

Christmas trees also have a tendency to tip over, so choose a stand or plant pot which fits the bill and choose a secure and safe place to position the tree.

3. Outside Decorations and Ice

Many of us like to transform our homes into wintery wonderlands at this time of year and we wouldn’t have it any other way. But if we don’t take care to set our decorations up safely, we could suffer serious injuries or even worse.

Ladders are dangerous pieces of equipment that shouldn’t be used alone by inexperienced persons. Nor should they be used by anybody once icy conditions set in as this will only increase the chances of a nasty fall.

We’re certainly not grinches here at Hilltop, we love Christmas as much as anybody. But Christmas is enjoyed most when it is enjoyed safely around the people you care about most.

So wrap up those cables, steady that tree and enjoy a safe and brilliant Christmas.