In a new series of blog posts we explain why so many companies across the UK, Europe and further afield choose to buy their cable management supplies from Hilltop Products.

The ‘Why Hilltop’ series will chart the family company’s history, investigate its industry credentials and dive into its product range to discover what makes Hilltop popular.

In the first post, we look at the history of the company and look at some of our more obscure orders.

Set up in 1979, Hilltop has been in business almost 40 years.

In that time, the company has earned a reputation for giving customers what they want. And sometimes that has meant filling some tricky requests.

Hilltop was set up as a family company and nearly four decades later it remains so. The same values that were present when the company set up hold true today.

Offering a personal service, making sure we have what’s needed in stock and getting it on the road in the quickest possible time to meet customer demands.

Customers trust that we have what they want in stock and call us when they want it on the road in double time.

A large team of account managers are also very good at following up with customers with phone calls to make sure that everything is as expected. We try our hardest to handle every small request – no matter the size of the order or the delivery time.

In our 38 year history we have had to deliver on some difficult and requests.

Hilltop Products are involved in all sorts of industries, but some of the most challenging requests have come from those involved in film and theatre production. These clients are under a lot of pressure to meet tight production schedules and they often source our products to contribute to the making of dozens of films in the UK and abroad.

Hilltop’s Hollywood credits include the Sherlock Holmes movies, for which we had to deliver more than 200 different products, The Martian, for which we had to meet tight delivery deadlines to keep production on schedule and Skyfall, which required a nightmare logistical task.

In each case, Hilltop’s team of account managers could offer top quality advice, source what they needed quickly and painlessly, and meet customer expectations.

We have also delivered cable management solutions for large scale engineering projects, where specifications are critical and lead times are critical.

The Hilltop Team has fielded requests from engineering teams behind HS2, HS1, Crossrail and the Great Western Electrification Project.

We also recently supplied the Bloodhound Project to help them achieve their dream of building a 1,000-mph supersonic car.

Got a request that no one else can handle? Try us, we’ve seen it all before. Call: 01942 723 101.