Currently, there’s a lot of confusion about which type of face-covering to wear so we found this broadcast by the BBC yesterday to be very interesting.
It's now been decided in Austria that "N95" type masks are required on buses and in other public areas, with standard home-made & surgical face coverings deemed insufficient. Many other countries are also debating making these masks mandatory.
Since the start of the Pandemic, Hilltop Products took the decision to only offer High-Quality, Professional standard KN95 masks. We felt it was right for us to only offer this type of mask, with our KN95 masks being FDA and CE Approved; Meeting standard: EN149:2001 + A1:2009. It's also been really important to us to offer these masks and indeed all our PPE at ethical-prices, being as affordable as they would be pre-pandemic; if not better!
Our KN95 masks offer a considerably better fit than other masks, as such, they are great for glasses wearers with anti-fogging properties. The vented design also allows for much better airflow.
We are currently offering our masks in various pack sizes, starting as little as 1 Pc. We're also offering next day delivery on orders over 15 Pcs.