Automatic welding machines, heat gun kits, cutting machines - they all require a significant outlay. However, you can still have the use of these state-of-the-art machines without the big cost - welcome to The Hilltop HIre Shop!. We've compiled this five point guide to why you may consider hiring our tools:


1)    Hiring is just easy

When investing in something like the tools for your business, there are many things to consider, and choices to weigh up, in terms of both the tools that are needed, and the best brands for those tools.  However, it might well be that you simply need a tool for a single purpose that has cropped up in your work, or that there isn’t the time to figure out the best option to buy. In that case, using Hilltop to hire the tool is certainly the simpler, cheaper option.  Hire the right tool, use it, then return it.  As the meerkat says… simples.


2)    Get the best quality tools. 

If you were thinking of buying, it may be that your budget doesn’t allow you to go for the best tool for the job, or the best brand for that tool.  By hiring, however, you have access to all the best brands, and most up-to-date products that Hilltop have available.  You don’t get to keep the tool, of course, but you do know you have access to the best brands for that job.  And you can feel assured that Hilltop are constantly replacing their hire tools with the very latest, and best, available.


3)    No running costs. 

There are positives to owning tools, undoubtedly, but there are also downsides.  If you own the tool, for instance, you are obviously entrusted with its care and maintenance.  And if it does break down, then you are also responsible for the repair costs, not forgetting that you will also be without the tool while it is being repaired.  If you hire it, however, you will have none of those concerns – even if it breaks it can be replaced straightaway, so you can carry on with the job you are doing, without losing time, money, or the goodwill of your customer.


4)    No big spend.

Shirley Bassey may well have sung a celebrated love song to her big spender, but in these trying economic conditions we are all less likely to be flash with the cash.  If you buy tools, that initial outlay can bite hard into budgets.  However, if you hire the same tool from Hilltop, even for a relatively lengthy period of time, you are spared that initial bite.  So… no big capital spend, but you still get to use the tools you need.  


5)    Try before you buy

It may well be that in the long-term, you will decide purchasing the tools will be a better option, in which case Hilltop will be more than happy to advise.  But why not hire out different options first, to help you decide which one works best for you, before you take that step into purchasing?

We are of course on hand to advise you on the right tool for the job, whether you decide to hire or buy.