Welders come in all types & sizes, be it an arc welder, TIG welder or MIG welder they all have one thing in common... A thirst for current.

It is no surprise that the arc welder, with an average current rated at 135 amps, can soon be a catalyst for welding cable degradation. When combined with the 3,000°C to 20,000°C extreme temperatures generated, welding cable damage becomes a potential issue.

Luckily, a broken welding cable doesn't have to mean a new welder. Hilltop Products offer cables both in red and black rated between 110 to 485 amps. These can be utilised as both your power line & grounding unit.

Is welding your revenue stream?

If so it is good practice to always keep a backup welder or spare welding cable. Hilltop also offers copper lugs for terminating the end of your cable easily and professionally, allowing a good electrical connection between your welder & the cable and ensuring full power is utilised.

Choosing your welding cable

Choosing a safe welding cable, which meets the requirements of your welder is extremely important.

Firstly, you would look at the rating of your welder. This will be either written on the unit, or on a metal plate affixed to the unit.

Once you have this information, it's vital that you choose the cable that best meets your amperage requirements. It is always important to go above and never go below the current rating to avoid casuing serious and dangerous overheating of your cable. Overheating has the potential to be a very serious health and safety risk.

For example, if your welder is rated at 200 Amps then you would choose the 35mm² 240Amp Welding Cable. All cable sizes & ratings can be seen (here).

All hilltop cables are single insulation & extra flexible, allowing for flexible working. Our cables are resistant to petrol, lubricating oils & diluted acid. They also have a temperature rating of -30°C - +70°C.

Our cables are also utilised through the automotive industry as the power line between the alternator and battery.