Not to be confused with Vince Cable’s colourful collection of ties, Velcro cable ties are the perfect way to secure your cables neat and tidy.

We all know the concept of Velcro - it probably featured on your trainers if you lived through the taste-bothering decade of the 1980s – and the concept is exactly the same for the cable ties. Easy to open and easy to close, Velcro cable ties can be fastened and unfastened quicker than a six-year-old’s school shoes.

This means that you can position and reposition the cable ties at will, perfect if you have wires that are only installed temporarily or regularly need to be moved around. Using a plastic cable tie for this kind of job would mean that the cable ties constantly have to be broken apart and replaced.

However, whichever method you use, as a customer with cabling on site, you can’t simply let them fall around the warehouse like a pack of wild and colourful snakes.  You need to secure them some way and somehow, and we are simply suggesting that if you’re looking for options, you would do well to consider Velcro ties as the perfect method.

Cable straps in Velcro...and a wide range of colours

As well as Velcro cable straps, here at Hilltop, we have created cable protection and storage solutions  for everyone from the car and plane industries to the military, all around the world, so we are absolutely confident we can source the right product for your business. These ties and straps are supplied in a range of colours to make your organisation and coordination that bit easier.

Whatever the size or scale of the job, we can manufacture the best performing cables and cable ties for your requirements, perfect for both securing and also identifying the cables you have in storage.  As a UK operator, we can also ship the very same day, ensuring the fastest turnaround possible.

In the 40 years that we’ve been in business, we’ve seen it all, and we understand what’s needed in the cable industry and the importance of cable performance, and safe storage.   Twist ratios, bend radius… it’s like a 1950’s bop out here in Golborne! 

And while many options should be considered, we think Velcro ties could be the way to go – easy to use and ergonomic, they also maintain the integrity of the cable bundles, assist airflow (and therefore any overheating of the cables themselves) and all, crucially, without affecting the cabling stored within.

So all that’s left is to tie up the loose ends.  Call us and let’s see what you need in terms of cable protection and identification, and whether Velcro may be the way to go.  Whether you need it today, or would like us to store it for you for up to 16 months, we are here to help.