When it comes to cost-effective heat guns for non-professional users, one brand stands head and shoulders above all its rivals.

Weldy is an offshoot of world-renowned heat gun and plastic welding equipment manufacturer Leister and the appeal of the products is best summarised by Weldy’s mission statement - Simple. Good. Affordable.

While Leister’s top-quality hot air tools are still manufactured in Europe, Weldy products are made by Leister China. But they still conform to Leister standards of function and quality.

All of this means that Weldy heat guns are perfect for light users, DIYers and customers in developing countries like China and India.

In this blog post, we look at two of the most popular Weldy heat guns and how they can be used.

Weldy Fuego HG1600 Heat Gun

The Weldy Fuego HG1600 is a gun-shaped hot air tool that’s perfectly suited for use at home and for indoor industrial applications.

Reliable and easy to use, the Fuego HG1600 hand tool has two temperature settings, set at 350°C (for drying and process heating) and 550°C (for other applications such as shrinking, melting and cleaning).

The Fuego HG1600 is easy to group and great for jobs around the house or in the hobby room, such as removing paint, defrosting pipes and loosening rusty screws.

It is a solid overall performer suitable for a wide range of tasks but isn’t suited to certain purposes like welding and significant amounts of soldering.

Weldy Energy HT1600D Heat Gun

The Weldy Energy HT1600D Heat Gun has a higher performance rating than the Fuego HG1600. It is a tube-shaped heat gun with a freer range of motion than other handheld heat guns.

The HT1600D is also more powerful than the Fuego and has a variable temperature control between 40 and 620°C.

This model can be used for a full range of domestic and professional applications including car repair, vinyl tarp welding, banners, billboards, floor installation and geomembrane installation.

And the hard-wearing ergonomic design means that it can be used outside as well as indoors.

The following videos show different ways that the Energy HT1600D Heat Gun can be used. The Weldy heat gun can be used for roofing applications:

 It can also be used for joining manufactured parts by shrink fit as in the video below:  

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