Here at Hilltop, we think that Cable Ties are underrated. From the smallest to ties that are over a metre long, a cable tie has so many uses.

To prove it – Here are 101 things to do with a Cable Tie

Camping and Festivals

1. Hang banners and signs of all shapes and sizes
2. Attach it to luggage zipper as tamper detection
3. Fasten around trouser legs to stop bugs in the wilderness
4. Attach to luggage Racks as extra security
5. Attach extra lighting to a car or van
6. Fix broken hooks and loops on tents
7. Secure shelters to trees and fences
8. Keep blankets bundled so save space when travelling
9. Wrap around shoes for extra traction hills or muddy ground
10. An emergency bag handle
11. Wrap around tyres or extra traction in mud or on hills
12. Use as hardwearing emergency shoe laces
13. Add to zippers to secure bags
14. Fix Gazebos to tents or fences
15. Attach extra items to a backpack for more handsfree
16. Hanging Solar lights outside
17. Attaching Labels to bags, coolers and picnic baskets


18. DIY Key Ring
19. DIY Bubble Blower Wand
20. DIY Phone Stand
21. Make a DIY Fidget Spinner
22. DIY cord for Strimmer
23. DIY Drawer Handles
24. DIY Splints
25. DIY Wedding Ring
26. DIY Tie Dye
27. Fix a broken Fan
28. DIY Fishing Hook
29. DIY Cup Handles
30. DIY Clothing
31. Secure items while glue dries
32. Cable Tie Sculptures
33. DIY Cable Tie Plants
34. DIY Cable Tie Basket
35. DIY a Cable Tie football
36. DIY Cable Tie Art
37. DIY Jewellery

Around the House

38. Attach to a drill to mix paint
39. Wrap around a jar lid for extra grip
40. Fasten to a metal pot handle to minimise burns
41. Securing Storage bins and boxes together
42. Unclog a drain
43. Hold Flower Arrangements together
44. Shower Curtain Ties Repair
45. Make Decorative Lamps
46. Tie up fairy lights for storage
47. Wrap around cabinets as temporary childproofing
48. Attach a baby gate without a drill
49. Keep bins sealed closed
50. Hang mops and dustpans from hooks
51. Sealing Food Packaging
52. Temporarily fix a wobbly Outlet
53. Clothes Hangers
54. Mark depth on a drill
55. Fix a Toilet Flush
56. Wrap a prank gift
57. Use as a Fashion Statement
58. Fix a coat or bag zipper
59. Emergency Hair Tie
60. Remove a broken wine cork
61. Keep Zipper up on Trousers
62. Ship Packages with Confidence
63. Create Belt loops
64. Temporary Watch Strap
65. Button Replacement on a shirt

In the Office

66. Bind papers together
67. Secure products in boxes for transportation
68. Fixing cables to a desk
69. Secure balloon sculptures
70. Attaching display units in retail
71. Smooth focus on a Camera
72. Mount Go Pros
73. Colour coded cable management (Obvious? we know!)
74. Folder Binder Rings

Shed and Garden

75. Keep Round Tools from Rolling
76. Attach a light to glasses for hands free
77. Bundling Rope and Cord for easy storage
78. Keep the lawnmower on so your hands don’t get tired (You’ll thank us later)
79. Attaching a Pole to a fence
80. Securing Outdoor Cushions to Furniture
81. Fixing a Pool pump
82. Hanging Birdboxes around fence poles and tress
83. Controlling Large Plants like Conifers
84. Securing Trampolines to fences
85. Fixing Outdoor Furniture
86. Train Vines to climb on Trellis
87. Organising Tools in a toolbox
88. Plant Supports for tall plants or vegetables
89. Hang a Herb Garden to a fence
90. Hanging Christmas Lights and Garlands (If you’re already planning!)
91. Fix a chain loop fence
92. Fix a Basketball net to the hoop
93. Attach Flags to Flagpoles
94. Tidy up a workshop pegboard
95. Attach them together to make a bigger tie
96. Cable Tying Cable Ties Together

For the Car

97. Temporarily attach a hubcap to the wheel
98. Temporarily Secure a broken bumper
99. Temporarily Fixing Broken Car Boot
100. Fixing Car Fresheners to Vents
101. Temporarily fix licence plate to car

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