Messenger app company Slack has given its Toronto office a distinctive makeover, using different coloured network cables as a key design feature.

Slack, an app company that’s dedicated to helping companies communicate, used cable management products to arrange the multi-coloured network cables across walls and ceilings.  

Designed by Dubbeldam Architecture + Design, the office design beat thousands of submissions to win an Interior Design magazine Best of Year Honouree award.

‘Threads of communication’

Taking the building’s past as a textile mill into account, designers started with a theme of ‘threads of communication’.

Cables in slack brand colours to connect three floors of the building, linking up all the work areas.

The cords are arranged into patterns on the walls in some areas and are run along the ceiling in others.  

"These enliven the space in an homage to the lines of yarn that were used in the mechanised knitting process, while also referencing the communication service of the messaging application itself," the team told Dezeen.

"Each office occupies a former industrial building with interiors that honour the property's legacy, renew its productivity, and reflect Slack's values of empathy, solidarity, and craftsmanship," said a project statement.

The cables are not the only striking design feature. The office is also equipped with a giant pegboard, allowing employees to leave messages for each other.

Different areas of the office building have been given different colour schemes. The messaging app uses colour in a similar way.

After starting up in San Francisco, Slack has grown quickly and opened offices in Vancouver, New York, Melbourne, London, and Dublin.

See more photos of the office project on Dezeen.

Exposed cable design trend

Many of us think of electrical wires and cables as things that need to be hidden away in homes and offices. Indeed, Hilltop Products stocks a wide range of products that can be used to disguise cables and hide them out of sight.

But exposing cables and turning them into a design feature has become an interior design trend for several years now.

There are several ways that it can be done. Use these ideas for more inspiration.

Hanging lighting

Perhaps the easiest way to incorporate cables into your interior design is to do so with your lights.

Every room needs lights, and bulbs that hang from the ceiling have been around forever. But it is only recently that designers have started highlighting the cables as a key feature.

By using brightly coloured cables and stripping back the light shade, they give the cables a really strong impact.


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Cable wall art

Be proud of your wires and turn them into something else entirely. Artist Maisie Broadhead used wires in her 2009 piece ‘Cable Drawing’.

She was one of the first to use a cable to create art as she turned a wall lamp wire into a mantlepiece mirror.

She used special cable management pins to control the shape of the wire and to make sure it flowed the right way.

Cable tray

Cable trays are perfect for organising cables. Not only are they out of the way and practical, but they also look really good, particularly if you operate in an industrial setting.

Use cable trays to avoid trips and falls or get other cable management products from Hilltop Products online shop.