Electronics is everywhere in the modern world. Employees and entrepreneurs of the future need strong science and technology skills, as well as an ability to think and act practically on what’s in front of them.

Children who learn technology and coding skills at an early age will be lightyears ahead of some of their classmates when it comes to the job market of the future.

The long summer break is the perfect opportunity to give your son or daughter a leg up in the world of tomorrow.

Here are five fun electronics and coding projects that will help your kids discover a passion for technology – without any of the tantrums.

Aluminium tape circuit

Without doubt, this is the easiest way to introduce your children to the power of electronics.

There’s no soldering, no special equipment. All you need is a roll of aluminium tape, an LED and a small watch battery and eureka – you can create a very simple LED circuit.

This project is perfect for younger kids that have no previous experience of circuits. Get your kids hooked early and see what they achieve.

For full instructions, follow this link.

LED Clothing Blinker

Help your son or daughter create the perfect fashion accessory. This nine-bulb colour changing LED circuit board can be connected to a coat or jumper using a few pins or a cable tie.

Using LED bulbs and a copper sheet circuit board, this is another easy project that you can do with kids of different ages.

The most challenging thing you will need to do on this project is use a soldering iron to attach the bulbs to the circuit board.

For full instructions, follow this link.

Steady hand game

If you want your kids to get charged up about electronics, it’s important that you make your projects fun.

This steady hand game is still relatively straightforward to make for younger children, but at the end of the project it gives them a new toy to play with their friends.

Using some wire, a battery, an LED light and a Tupperware box, the idea is for kids to create a track and try to pass a wire loop over the track without forming a full circuit and setting off the LED.  

For full instructions, follow this link.

Code Combat

Can’t get your kids off their computer or games console this summer? This game promises to teach your kids some really useful coding skills in a way that they won’t realise that they are learning.

Who knows, if they get enough practice in on this game, one day they could be designing and creating the computer games that they love to play. Dream job alert.  

Learn more about Code Combat.

Flappy Bird Game

If your kids can’t wait to learn ‘real coding’ this activity on Code.org will teach them some of the basic building blocks that they could need in the future.

The activity teaches a basic kind of computer science logic, launching actions based on events that are given in the game.

When they have finished with the online activity, your kids will have the opportunity to create a very simple ‘Flappy Bird’ game that they can share with all their friends and play on their phones.

Find the activity on Code.org.