As Companies, Businesses and Events get ready to welcome back all of their loyal clients and customers, workplace safety precautions are more important than ever.

A safe work environment makes for higher employee productivity and retention while keeping customers safe prevents accidents and keeps them coming back. A happy customer is a loyal one.

With around 37% of reported injuries in the workplace being the result of a slip, trip or fall*, if you are operating in anything from a busy office to a bustling TV studio, keeping it trip hazard free is a top priority.

Covering cables that run across the floor or up walls is a must. Using Hilltop's SlipWay Tape that offers highly visible colours and warnings in 3 languages is a quick and clear temporary solution for safely securing cables and cords that may need moving frequently to increase visibility and minimise trips and possible electric shocks from the wiring on walls being caught or tugged.

External Heavy Duty Cable Protectors are a more hardwearing solution for areas that will see heavier footfall, more uneven ground or where accessibility is a consideration, like funfairs, festivals or shops. Made to be sturdy, they can survive harsh weather and continuous traffic, making them suitable for a busy office or use outdoors. Cable Protectors are also designed with accessibility in mind, making moving over them with a pram or wheelchair easy, all while protecting the cables housed within its easy-snap release membrane.

To keep everyone safe and clear from larger Hazardous areas such as spills, leaks or power sources that could potentially result in serious slips, shocks or fires, an Expanding Safety Barrier is an excellent option as it simply blocks off the hazard. It is made of tough steel and painted yellow and black to make it highly visibly, even from a distance. Its ability to fold and attach to other barriers makes it perfect for crowd control and outdoor events.



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