At Hilltop Products we have a long and established history as a key UK Supplier of Bungs in all sizes & materials, be it Silicone, Rubber or Cork!

Our bungs are utilised worldwide throughout various industries, from universities to research labs, hospitals and much more. Our range includes natural rubber bungs, neoprene and silicone. Each are suited to different environments depending on your exact needs, and all offer good heat resistance. 

Throughout the pandemic, we have noticed a huge increase in sales of rubber bungs from companies such as the above. From speaking to these companies & doing our research we found that more and more establishments are ramping up their efforts & production – obviously fitting in with the rollout of the Covid-19 vaccines this year & ongoing research of the virus itself. The pharmaceutical and scientific research sectors are a huge part of the modern economy, encompassing a range of industries such as research and development, food and agriculture, healthcare and so on.

We have supplied to the likes of Charles River Laboratories Edinburgh & Elphinstone Research Center who work in Co-Operation with Edinburgh university. Their goal is to provide drug development facilities to companies within the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries, as well as services to veterinary pharmaceutical, agrochemical and chemical industries. Currently Elphinstone research centre is working directly on Covid-19 related projects such as Coronavirus vaccines, Antiviral therapies & Immunomodulatory Therapies; We were really pleased to learn at Hilltop that our Rubber bungs were being used directly within preparations relating to Coronavirus research! 

Professor Jonathan Van-Tam, deputy chief medical officer for England, said: “The only thing that is going to slow us down is batches of vaccines becoming available. Many of you know already that it’s not just about vaccine manufacture. It’s about fill and finish, which is a critically short resource across the globe.” As we’re hitting the year mark of Coronavirus restrictions, the vaccine is rolling out across the country to help protect the nation. As with any type of medicine, the vaccine has to be stored and controlled within specific materials to avoid any changes to that sensitive chemical. Each dose requires a vial, bung, cap and packaging that has to keep it stable. The right material has to be used for the stoppers/bungs keeping that vaccine contained in the glass vials, and this is usually rubber or latex.

A lack of materials such as specialised bungs and the vials the vaccine is stored in have hampered efforts to get the vaccine bottled up and distributed throughout the nation. Yet, as we have always said at Hilltop we are committed to ensuring key industries & essential services that require Coronavirus related products are always prioritised and stock sidelined for them.

So there you go! An unlikely partnership between bungs and coronavirus research, but nevertheless we areextremely pleased to assist these vital industries in doing some groundbreaking work!