Now that our homes are teeming with technology, we’re all probably familiar with that jungle of wires behind TV stands or computer desks. We also know just how important it can be to pull the right plug.

If you’re skyping a relative, watching TV or working online you can’t afford to pull the wrong plug, but how do you navigate your way through the dense, tangled mass connecting all of our electronics to the mains? One of the simplest ways is to colour code your wires.

Electricians don’t just use heat shrink to reinforce wires at weak points and connections, they also use it to quickly and easily identify wires, but you can just as easily do this at home. A few lengths of colour coded heat shrink are extremely affordable and the best varieties, like the ones available from here at Hilltop Products require minimal heat to activate the shrinking process. Unlike some heat shrink products which require the use of a heat gun or open flame, our heat shrink will mould under the steam from a fresh cup of tea.

Secure a small length of coloured heat shrink to the end of each cable and then when you need to remove the plug of a computer, games console or TV, you can select the appropriate plug with a minimum of fuss.

Of course, some of you might think that identification is just a part of the problem and detangling the wires is even trickier. Attaching intermittent lengths of heat shrink tubing over the length the cable can help. Place heat shrink over 50% of the lead with gaps between each section. This will prevent uncontrolled lengths of cable from tangling together and will also allow you to fold the cable together for storage without the resulting tangled mess.

Heat shrink tubing is brilliant and it can be used in so many ways that it should be a fixture of every home. You can order yours today right here at the Hilltop Store. Need help deciding which to choose? All you have to do is give us a call on 01942 723 101 and we will help you to choose the right electrical wiring solutions for your needs.