Hilltop Products manufactures large non-slip heat shrink tubing for a wide range of purposes including health and social care equipment and handrails. 

But one of the most popular uses for this type of durable, textured heat shrink tubing is on rackets for tennis, badminton, table tennis and more. 

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Increase Tennis Grip Size

Heat shrink tubing can be used to increase the grip size of your tennis racket, or any other kind of racket. If your grip size is too small, it can affect your performance. Small grip size is also a common cause of tennis elbow. 

Heat shrink is a cheap and easy solution to this problem. With a grippy textured pattern, this heat shrink tubing will also give you more control and help you master your game. 

In this short video, we show how the heat shrink is applied, quickly and easily. 

How to Apply Heat Shrink Grip to Your Tennis Racket

Video Transcript

Our specially-formulated, non-slip heat shrink is manufactured from a durable cross-linked polymer alloy.  

Non-slip heat shrink is utilised by a wide range of industries offering a permanent gripping surface for all types of substrate materials. 

With its 2:1 shrink ratio, on the application of heat, our heat shrink quickly shrinks down over even the most irregular of shapes, creating a tight and permanent seal. 

A wide range of colours and sizes are available from Hilltop Products.   

Simply measure and cut with a pair of scissors. Place the heat shrink over the substrate material.


Once in place apply content heat. Keep the heat source moving to get an even shrink. 

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