Heat shrink tubing and musicians. Believe it or not but these two things go hand in hand more often than you might think.

Heat shrink tubing comes into play quite often on the road, especially when there’s a myriad of cables involved. Guitar leads, microphone leads and even laptop cables are an integral part of a bands show. These things tend to break down after years of use and abuse, so any quick thinking roadie or smart musician carries a selection of heat shrink tubing.

But why?

Cables fray, come loose from the jack plug and sometimes the poorer made ones just fall apart minutes before a show. This results in a faulty signal which can ruin the connection between amp and instrument. Not least the gig itself. Hilltop Heat shrink tubing is a super quick, safe and affordable way to make repairs on the road. Exposed and frayed electrical wires are not only unsightly but ridiculously unsafe when hooked up to an amp. Hilltop give you the means to repair equipment yourself, easily.

Replacement items may not be easy to come by and can be very expensive. Why not just repair it yourself?

Hilltop specialise in many high quality heat shrink tubing kits as well as heat shrink tape – also known for its use on drumsticks to save blisters. We supply comprehensive and easy to use kits including pocket size and super portable mini heat guns at affordable prices. Quick and lasting solutions to an ever present problem on the road are a vital ingredient in the safe running of a live show and tour. We asked a professional road crew member who has toured with the likes of Feeder and Stereophonics about the need for quick repairs on the road.

“Everything breaks at some point on a tour, no matter how expensive your gear is. Especially cables. People stand on cables, snap them or even yank them out of instruments the wrong way in the heat of the moment. It’s our job to fix these problems and make sure they stay fixed. Heat shrink tubing is one of the quickest and safest ways to repair and guard against damages that could cause a bit of trouble at a gig. We even used HST on jack plugs to make them that little bit more sturdy. ”

Hilltop heat shrink tubing kits are a great solution to everyday problems. The music world is another industry that benefits from the products at Hilltop. Whether it’s securing that loose jack plug to the lead, covering up some exposed wires, or even clear labelling your microphone leads so the roadies know which cables belong to which band – heat shrink tubing is a handy solution.

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