Just occasionally we receive a more unusual order or enquiry of a more interesting nature. This was just such an opportunity. One to put our products, experience and service to good use to assist such a worthy organisation as Lady Haig’s Poppy Factory.

This initial more unusual request caught the eye of our Managing Director. It came about via an online enquiry out of the blue as an urgent requirement for low shrink temperature heat shrink tubing. That requirement was for thin wall, snug fitting, green coloured heat shrink to cover a metal stem on a more bespoke poppy for a unique application that was of yet unknown to us.

Of course we were delighted to get the opportunity to help out if at all possible, ever mindful that whatever we came up with it must not only fit perfect but the finish must be 100% right. With this in mind we were a little concerned our new esteemed customer may not also have had the application equipment to apply any such heat shrink tubing correctly. Therefore, we were more than happy to offer a new heat shrink gun kit with all the necessary nozzle attachments. We sent this up via express courier along with numerous samples of various green heat shrink tubing.

We were always confident that with a little time we would find the right solution, however time was now of the essence at this fast approaching poignant time of remembrance. Therefore we were delighted the day after when Danny (the shop floor manager) telephoned Catherine Smith in our Sales Office to confirm receipt of the heat gun kit along with the heat shrink samples. His trials with the gun kit and one of the samples proved to be highly successful and he was now in a position to confirm his urgent requirements to Catherine. Catherine liaised with Danny to co-ordinate the right size, colour and quantities required and the consignment was then sent via express courier up to the Lady Haig Poppy factory in Edinburgh.

We were all absolutely thrilled within Hilltop that we could be of some assistance. Steve Hill, our MD, expressed his thoughts:

“Having had my Grandfathers and Uncles along with other relatives involved in fighting for the freedom we now all enjoy, this opportunity to help was never going to be about any money passing hands. I, and indeed all the Hilltop team, have nothing but tremendous respect for the Poppy appeal and indeed all our servicemen and women and of course all our veterans. We were honoured and more than happy to freely donate our time, products and service here for such a very worthy cause. I’m just thrilled that we eventually managed to come up with the right solution in time. We now look forward to being of any further service ongoing."  

Lady Haig's Poppy Factory“Morning Catherine,

Having used Hilltop for the first time I would like to say how very helpful we found them. We had an idea what we required but not a clue on sizing for tubing. Not only were they able to send us the right product from a very vague description of what we intended to use it for, they also helped us out by sending us a complimentary heat gun kit and samples to check what we needed. Being a charity this was very valuable to us as we don’t like to waste money. I look forward to dealing with the company and the very friendly team again in the future.

Thanks Danny”