Designed as a prequel to the superhero blockbuster, Man of Steel, writers and producers have been hard at work developing this new television series, Krypton. Set on the alien planet of the same name, one team that have had to give their utmost during development is the set design team, tasked with developing an ancient yet futuristic culture based on the hit film.

Krypton TV Series

Hilltop took the call asking for materials to aid in this set design. No stranger to these kinds of enquiries, we knew that the camera doesn’t lie, and our customer would need high quality materials quickly. Their design brief was to fill a room with fake cables, and we knew that our PVC tubing would look the part with its smooth finish and round cross-section.

Television is quickly becoming the new big screen. With David S Goyer - perhaps best known for his work on Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight Trilogy, along with Superman himself in Man of Steel and Batman v Superman – assuming position as head writer, the pressure is on for all who are involved to give this their best. That leaves no room for poor props or late deliveries!

At a fraction of what it would have cost to fully outfit a room with functioning cables, we shipped a selection of our PVC tubing out on the fastest available service to be installed and decorated ready for filming to begin. We knew that having production halted due to missing items would be catastrophic for the hard-working team and so took every effort to get the tubing packed, despatched and safely received at our customers studio in Belfast.

Krypton hits TV screens in 2018 much to the delight of comic book and superhero fans around the world. Whilst we can’t claim to be zipping around the clouds like Superman, we’re proud to know that this production features our materials and are proud to have once again been trusted with our involvement in a tightly scheduled, high budget production.