The modern office environment has been taken over by a diverse variety of electrical products that we couldn’t do business without and the vast majority of them are hooked up to the mains creating a veritable jungle of cables.

In addition to the nightmare of trying to pull the correct plug, or remove a wire from the mess, there is the genuine problem of safety. Not only do cables represent a tripping hazard, there’s also the small matter of electricity to consider.

So how do you safeguard your workforce, without sacrificing the computers and accessories that keep your business booming; and without of course breaking the bank?

You do it with Heat Shrink Tubing.

This versatile and easy to use cable insulation product can be used to group wires together and prevent harmful and troublesome tangles. Multi-coloured heat shrink tubing can also be used for identification, so that colleagues don’t pull the wrong plug and lose official work and documents or an unsaved presentation.

In short, this cheap and cheerful accessory could change your workspace for the better.

Heat Shrink Tubing works by doing just that: it shrinks around cables and electrical wires under a suitable amount of heat. With Hilltop heat shrink tubing, you don’t even require an excessive amount of heat.

At Hilltop Products, we’re already extremely popular with major industries like the automotive, energy and medical sectors. But we are also becoming an increasingly trusted provider for UK offices.

Could your office benefit from taking control of excessive wiring? If the answer is yes, why not browse our heat shrink tubing collection today and pick the product which best suits your needs?

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