Hot knife cutting equipment is fantastic for a whole range of purposes.

And although the old idiom holds that hot knives are great for cutting through butter, we can assure you that our range does much more than that.

What is a hot knife cutter?

Hot knife cutters have a huge range of applications. They can be used by everyone, from crafters and hobbyists to professional tradesmen.

Hot knives come in lots of shapes and sizes, but they are all essentially electricity-powered cutting tools used to slice through lots of different objects. They can be used on polystyrene, foam, lengths of cable, rope and ribbons. Some of them can even be used to cut butter, but we wouldn’t recommend it.  

Because the knives are hot, it means they are good for cutting reinforced materials and preventing them from fraying at the edges.

The smooth cut will prevent rough edges or ends forming on sail cloth, carpet, rope and webbing. If you choose the right hot knife cutter, then you will get a clean and sealed edge every time.

Hot knives can also be used on construction sites, where high quality hot knives are needed to process insulation material and reducing the risks associated with hazardous fine dust.

Hilltop Products stocks a wide range of cutters, blades and accessories suitable for all sorts of different tasks.

We have categorised some of the main products below with some information about the cutters and what they can be used for.

Which hot knife should I choose?

Heavy duty bench mounted hot knife cutters

Ideal for:

  • Rope
  • Braids
  • Plastics
  • Webbing

Heavy duty bench mounted hot knife cutters are perfect for use in heavy industry. The chunky units can be mounted on desks and can cut through thick material like braided rope and other synthetics easily.

The heavy duty cutters are good in constant use environments and can be used on all sorts of different materials like webbing, braids, elastics, strapping, cord, ribbon, plastics and rope.

Midweight bench mounted hot knife cutters

Ideal for:

  • Rope
  • Fabric
  • Ribbon

Midweight bench mounted hot knife cutters can also be mounted on benches but do not have the same guillotine action as their heavy duty counterparts. These cutters use a hot wire to enable precision cutting  and a fine finish after every cut.

Handheld hot knives

Ideal for:

  • Precision foam modelling and crafting
  • Plastic
  • Rubber
  • Ribbon

These handheld hot knives are reliable, heat up quickly and allow for precise clean cuts on all types of material. They are also cheaper than a lot of the alternative products available for sale from Hilltop Products.

Hot wire foam/bow cutter

  • Large foam cutting
  • Roofing

Large hand held hot wire bow cutters are ideal for cutting Styrofoam and similar insulating materials. Made from aluminium, these bow cutters are lightweight and easy to use. Their large width and height mean that they can be used on large blocks of material, making them suitable for a whole range of industrial applications.  

Fully automated ribbon tape cutter

  • Cutting neat, uniform strips of ribbon

Cut neat strip labels quickly and easily with Hilltop Product’s automatic label tape cutting machine. This bench mountable machine is reliable and easy to use. The mechanism uses a hot knife to ensure a clean cut and uniformity in every label.