Hilltop Products has supplied products to several big budget blockbusters in recent years.

With a wide range of stock and reliable delivery, several large UK production companies trust us to supply products wherever they are needed, without holding up filming schedules.

Steven Spielberg’s hotly anticipated ‘Ready Player One’ is due to be released next week and it is one of the biggest films that we have supplied to date.

Released on the 28th of March, Ready Player One is screen adaption of a best-selling science fiction thriller.

Set in 2045, when the world is on the brink of collapse, people find salvation in a fantasy virtual reality universe called OASIS.

There are no limits to what can happen in the OASIS universe, and Spielberg has packed it full of pop culture references.

The film provides a steady stream of references to cult films, TV shows and games like Back to the Future, the A-Team, the Iron Giant and Halo.  

The story centres on an unlikely hero Wade Watts as he joins a vicious treasure hunt to find a digital Easter egg worth a big fortune.

Although many of the scenes are created using special effects (it is a video game universe after all), many of the real-life scenes were shot in Birmingham.

And designers needed lots of costumes in various styles to promote the film’s dystopian theme.

We supplied silicone and neoprene tubing to create specially customised costumes.

They required a wide variety of sizes and styles and were pleased to learn that we had all of the items in stock and ready to ship via urgent courier – preventing costly delays to the filming schedule.

The film is set in Ohio, but a large part of the filming took place in Birmingham, where Livery Street in the Jewellery Quarter featured prominently and the Hatters backpackers hostel was used for internal filming.

The film has received a good reception so far.

Jonathon Pile of Empire rated it five stars, saying: “Spielberg has seemingly done the impossible: balancing sugar-rush nostalgia with an involving story to create a pure, uncynical, cinematic ride that recaptures the magic of his early films.”

Films that Hilltop Products have supplied

With our ability to get products out to where they are needed quickly and reliably, we have become a trusted partner of several film production companies.

We have worked on several film and television projects, including: