Hilltop Products offer a wide selection of Heat Shrink Tubing in a variety of colours and sizes. These Heat Shrink Tubing Products are perfect for colour coding wires and cables both electronic or data. It can be very difficult to decipher which cable or wire links to what part of your computer, or whatever device your cables and wires are connected to. That’s why many manufacturers, such as Hilltop Products, have spotted a gap in the market for brightly coloured, even luminous, Heat Shrink Tubing.

Originally developed by Raychem Corporation in the 1950s, Heat Shrink Tubing can be made of any kind of thermoplastic and has historically been used for internal PC modifications, to tidy up wires and cables. The contemporary use of Heat Shrink Tubing hasn’t wandered too far from its roots. Nowadays, Heat Shrink Tubing is still used to tidy up cables to get rid of the unsightly messy and knotted wires, but it’s no longer just used for the inside of a PC. Heat Shrink Tubing can be used all round the house and across many different industries including, electronics, and military, automotive and aerospace. Heat Shrink Tubing is highly durable, yet lightweight, making it the safest component for your wire and cabling project.

So, what can you use Heat Shrink Tubing for? You can use it to:

  • Rid water and dust out of cable splices
  • Insulate cables and wires against heat
  • Protect wires and cables from strain relief, moisture and abrasion
  • Bind wires and cables together
  • They can help tidy up any unsightly or messy cables and wires

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