Label printers are important for identifying and organising cables. In environments where lots and lots of cables build up over time, it is crucial that different site engineers can find the right connection when they need to.

Failing to identify cables properly in the first place can mean many lost hours spent trying to find one individual wire.

Whether you are labelling a sea of server room cables or identifying a critical network wire, printed heat shrink tubes can give you confidence in your cable identification process.

Printable heat shrink tubes

At Hilltop Products, we supply a huge range of cable identification products suitable for a wide variety of different purposes. One important cornerstone of our range is heat shrink tubing and, in particular, printable heat shrink tubing.

In all our decades of industry experience, one thing that we have found consistently over time is that there is a demand for long-lasting cable identification measures.

Reliable cable identification means that even if a cable isn’t touched for ten years, an engineer can locate it and understand its purpose.

In this sense, printed heat shrink tube labels are a popular solution. Heat shrink labels won’t slip off, and the ink is resistant to normal wear and tear.

We offer a custom heat shrink tube printing service to all our customers. But for larger companies that need to print lots of different designs, it can be more economical to invest in a thermal transfer heat shrink printer.

What label printer is best

Different types of label printer are useful for different purposes. At Hilltop Products, we stock three broad categories of thermal transfer printer, each suitable for different purposes.

Desktop heat shrink printers

Desktop heat shrink printers are ideal for low and medium volume label printing.

The smaller printers can sit on top of your desk and print via thermal transfer directly onto flat printable zero halogen heat shrink tubing.

We stock everything you need for thermal transfer heat shrink printing including thermal transfer printer ribbons and external spool holders than are used to feed heat shrink tubing into the printing machines.

In this video, we demonstrate how the printer is loaded and how easy it is to use the printer software on a computer.

Industrial Heat Shrink Printer

To print heat shrink labels on a larger scale you may need to invest in a more industrial heat shrink printer.

These tend to be more expensive but can deliver higher quality prints in shorter timeframes.

The best quality machine in the Hilltop Products shop is the Cab A4+T thermal transfer printer. These are perfect for organising and identifying large groups of cables. They are capable of printing labels up to four inches wide and can print ten inches per second.

They are ideal for manufacturers, warehousing companies and lots of other large scale businesses.

Paired with a cutting and stacking module, the Cab A4+T printer can produce individual heat shrink labels quickly and accurately.

Handheld label printers

Handheld heat shrink printers serve a different purpose to the two previous categories, which both usually sit on desks.

Handheld printers like the DYMO XTL 500 labelling kit and the DYMO Rhino 5200 labelling machine can be used with heat shrink material, however, they are more commonly used to produce standard labels to help identify certain things.

With an advanced range of functions, these machines can be used to label just about anything, but they are especially useful for labelling patch panels on high volume switchboards.

The DYMO range is loved by installation and service engineers because they are tough, reliable and easy to use.