Hilltop Products have been working with one of the UK’s well known garden equipment and agricultural tool manufacturers regarding the manufacturing process for their spades.

As part of this manufacturing, they are required to hold the joint between head and handle firmly whilst the glue sets to provide the solid construction you’d expect from such a tool. The problem our customer was encountering was that they couldn’t find a way of doing so without leaving any residue or leaving behind any material on the glue when the product was removed.

Our technical manager paid a number of site visits and, after trialling numerous heat shrink material, He eventually found the right combination of  size and colour within our premium grade of HSP2 Polyolefin heat shrink..

“Just three words to describe our new HSP2… wonderful, wonderful, wonderful!” our customer wrote.

We find it highly uplifting to hear a customer is pleased with our products & service. The valued effort of our technical manager paid off in the end amd our customer is now happily implementing our HSP2 Polyolefin into their manufacturing process from here on in.