The electricity and outdoors don’t mix well.

That’s a problem, because as the Great British summer draws on, more people want to get out in their gardens. But wet and windy conditions pose a risk if you have electronic devices around.

People have always tried to make their gardens more attractive, functional and comfortable. And for a lot of people, that means bringing power to patios, play areas and garden sheds.

Whether it is for powering garden lighting, a pond pump or a fully powered outdoor shed or garden office, you need to make sure you take outdoor cable safety seriously.

Hilltop Products stocks a wide range of outdoor-ready, weatherproof cable accessories to protect your external power units.

You can shop our full range online or speak to a member of our sales team about your requirements.

Protecting cables outdoors

You have to be careful with outdoor cables because they are exposed to the elements. Our recent weather should be a reminder that, even in summer, anything you leave outside can easily get damaged by rain, wind or more extreme weather.

Products that are designed to be used outside like outdoor lights, pond equipment, power tools and barbecues will usually have sturdy power cables capable of standing up to testing weather.

But there are some areas where you need to be careful.

If these power cables get damaged, for instance, you need to make sure you repair them properly. You also need to be careful when you are setting up your own outdoor electrical circuit. If you are installing your own patio lights or pond system you need to make sure you protect the cables, particularly around connections where cables are joined.

Any weaknesses in the cable coverings should be covered with adhesive lined heat shrink tubing because this product ensures water tightness.

Protecting outdoor power outlets

Outdoor power outlets are another electrical hazard that you need to be aware of. Permanent outdoor power outlets need to be installed for any electrical equipment that you plan on leaving outside, or using regularly outdoors.

These special weather-sealed outlets are perfect if you don’t want to move your extension lead inside and out to get power into your garden. Just make sure you install them away from any significant water sources like ponds.

If you are going to use extension leads then you should make sure that they are equipped for outside use. Hilltop Products stocks a range of weatherproof Masterplug boxes that protect your indoor extension leads in a robust enclosure with several cable entries.

If you are planning an outdoor event with a lot of guests, then you may also want to protect people from tripping up over your electrical cables with Hilltop’s range of cable protection equipment.

Installing pond equipment

One of the trickiest places to install electrical equipment in your garden is in the pond. Adding pond lights or a pump is perfect for creating some atmosphere in your outside space. But it is tricky.

If you are submerging electrical equipment in your garden pond then you need to make sure it is protected with the highest quality.

As well as a good quality pump or lights, you will also need some good quality flexible conduit tubing to help run cables or even move water between the pump and filters. You can also pump water using reinforced braided PVC hose and P clips to keep everything in line.

Top garden cable safety hazards

1) Cable tripping hazard

2) Lawnmowers, strimmers and other power tools damaging cables (repair damaged cables using adhesive lined heat shrink tubing).

3) Animals and small children damaging cables (repair damaged cables using adhesive lined heat shrink tubing).

4) Using indoor equipment outdoors.

5) Using indoor extension chords outside (protect them using Masterplug box).

6) Weather damaging cables.

7) Poorly wired patio lights, pond lights and other outdoor electronic systems.