In recent years Hilltop Products has seen a great deal of involvement in the film and UK television industry. Projects ranging from Skyfall, the penultimate chapter in Daniel Craig's reign as James Bond, to smaller BBC productions such as The House that 100K built, have sent their cabling insulation needs our way. We're proud to say we've been able to assist in every occasion.

We were even called to assist in material requirements for Assassin's Creed. This big budget production, which began filming in 2015, has caught the attention of film and gaming fans alike, with the film being based off a very popular video-game series of the same name. The story even made it's way into the Liverpool Echo, Liverpool's most prominent news outlet

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It brings us great pleasure to know our products are associated with such high profile projects and the undoubted cultural impacts that they bring. Below we've compiled a few links to various other films and TV series we have been fortunate enough to assist with in recent years.

The Martian James Bond - Skyfall
The Martian Hits Tight Filming Deadlines Hilltop Saves James Bond Doctor Strange Seeks Hilltop's Help


Assassin's Creed Targets Hilltop Sherlock Finds a Home at Hilltop Hilltop Supplies US TV Series, Outlander


Silicone Tubing Hilltop Has the X Factor
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The House that 100K Built
BBC2 'The House that 100K Built' films at Hilltop