You may have seen the now widely publicised article from B&Q with regards to the launch of Fifty Shades of Grey, their employees encountering increased queries related to Cable Ties, Tape and Rope.

Hilltop are also offering a little preparation to our predominantly female tele-Sales staff to prepare themselves for any similar sensitive questions posed!  There is an anticipated surge of enquiry’s and possibly orders in conjunction with the release of the movie.

Hilltop even going that one step further, for lets say the more Cost Conscious romantics, we provide a re-usable “Soft touch” cable tie, this in the guise of our Rapstraps >>

Whilst we ourselves don’t supply any rope product as such, we are the UK’s largest provider on a wide range of High quality Hot knife rope cutters, indeed our entry level models are specfically designed for use by what may be termed as “DIY Rope enthusiast’s” !

Ever the entrepreneurs at Hilltop, for a small fee we may even be prepared to offer a discrete Cut and release service !! 

The clever use of this marketing by B&Q raised a few smiles around the office, its not the first time we have received such a requests for our cable tie and tape products.

We were a little surprised the cheeky “beggars” at B&Q utilised some of Hilltop’s own photo’s, of which we professionally commissioned. However we aren’t overly concerned, it’s all a little “Tongue in cheek fun” surrounding the premier of this eagerly awaited movie. B&Q, and indeed its parent company  Kingfisher PLC are amongst our valued customers.

Fifty Shades of Grey