The Easter holidays are coming up. In Leigh, where Hilltop Products is based, children break up on Friday and don’t go back until the day after Easter Monday on April 17.

For parents, that’s 17 days to keep the kids entertained. That’s no easy feat no matter which way you look at it.

Hilltop Products takes pride in being a family company. Lots of employees have children and we know it can be tough to keep them happy for the whole holiday, especially when the weather isn’t great.

Here are some easy electronics projects, together with explainer YouTube videos to help keep kids stimulated.

Electronics can be fun and challenging in equal measure. If your kids love getting their hands dirty and making stuff, then electronics products can be a cheap and easy way of entertaining them.

And who knows, they might even learn something as they build.

The best part about electronics projects, is that if you are a Hilltop Products customer, you may already have some of the most important materials lying around your home or office.

And some of the things you’re missing can be sourced from the Hilltop Products shop.

Make the ‘World’s simplest electric train’

Got some thin copper wire lying about? How about a battery and a couple of magnets? Then you can help your kids make ‘the world’s simplest electric train’.

This is an incredibly easy but impressive way for kids to learn about the principles of electromagnetism which is one of the crucial forces that make motors and transformers work.

The train mechanism is pretty easy to make, the only difficulty children might face is coiling the copper wire. It might be helpful to find a thin pole or length or cylindrical wood and wrap thin copper wire around this.

Make a shoebox smartphone projector

Getting kids off their phone can be a nightmare these days, but what if you could turn your children’s smartphone addiction into something constructive.

There isn’t as much complicated wiring in this project, so it’s perfect if you aren’t particularly confident with electronics.

Again, it’s something that you can build with items around the house. If you don’t already have one, you can purchase a glue gun from the Hilltop Products online shop.  

Make a simple torch

Making a simple torch or LED lamp is one of the easiest circuits that children can make and so it’s perfect for beginners.

All you need is a strip of tube, battery holders, an LED or lamps and a length of wire. Attach the components together in the style shown in the video and fit it all inside your tube.

The video shows you how to join connectors by simply twisting them together, but you can make more permanent connections by either soldering the connections or sealing them with heat shrink tubing.

This will probably require some adult supervision.