Wrapping your car in large sheets of solid-coloured vinyl is a popular way of changing your cars colour without an expensive paint job.

It is also a way of achieving a more unique look for your car. Those who don’t want to settle for stock factory colours can find something a little more exotic from vinyl wraps. The trend for matte black coloured cars, for example, has largely been driven by availability of vinyl wraps.

To get the best possible finish with the least amount of hassle, it is best to take your car to get wrapped professionally. But this kind of labour can be expensive and could still take a few days to get back to you.

So can you do it yourself?

The short answer is yes; but it isn’t easy, especially if you haven’t done this kind of body work before.

If you are the kind of person who struggles to get the phone screen protector on their smartphone without any air bubbles forming then this may not be recommended. Perhaps you can start by applying smaller vinyl decals to a relatively flat section of your car and see how you get on.  

On the other hand, if you have a steady hand and a great deal of patience then you might want to give it a go.

Be warned though, the process isn’t quick and it may take you several days or weeks to complete all your cars panels, particularly if you have a lot of curves to manoeuvre around.

What you will need

Before you have a go at a DIY car wrapping project you need to make sure you are well equipped.

Good quality hot air gun

This is the key weapon in your vehicle wrapping arsenal. As the vinyl is applied you need to make sure it is evenly heated and smoothly applied down. You can purchase or rent hot air guns from our website.   

Cloths and wax

You need to make sure your car is perfectly clean before you apply the vinyl or you might struggle to get it to stick. It helps to do it inside a clean indoor garage or the wind could blow grit and dust under your shiny new wrap.

The sharpest knife you can find

The vinyl wrap is thick and sticky. To get a good edge you need to make sure you have a very sharp knife handy.

As many patient friends as you can find

Cutting, positioning, heating and scraping the vinyl into place will take at least two people. But if it is your first time then the more people the better.

YouTube how to videos

It pays to know what you are doing here. Thankfully there are lots of videos on YouTube showing you what to do. Be careful though, the people in these videos will usually be professionals and can make it look easier than it is.