Disney Wonder Cruise Liner

Disney Wonder Interior

The Disney Wonder Cruise Liner is a marvellous feat of seafaring engineering. The second in the Disney Cruise Liner fleet, it first entered service in 1999 and has since served up many amazing memories for all its welcome passengers. In September 2016 the ship underwent a dry dock in Spain to upgrade its many marvellous facilities. Imagine our surprise when we were contacted by a representative of the Cruise Line to seek our help!

As part of the enhancements being performed during the dry dock, the customer identified they would now urgently require literally thousands of differing sizes of adhesive lined heat shrink end caps for this refurbishment project. To complicate matters, the parts needed to get to Spain, where the Cruise Liner was stationed in the Port of Cadiz. Our Technical Sales team assisted in finding all the correct sizes of heat shrink End Caps required, a small team was organised to pick and package ready for air-freight collection by the customer the very next day!

After receiving the End Caps the refurbishments went as planned. In the short span of almost two months, the planned upgrades were completed and the Disney Wonder was commissioned back into the seas. This is an undoubted marvel of construction planning,

Challenging enquiries such as this one present little difficulty for the team here at Hilltop. In fact, we work hard to ensure even the most urgent of requirements are met for all customers, and it is stories such as this that really make the effort worthwhile. Knowing that our customer managed to complete their job – and as a result the ship is sailing on time and as planned – with our help is a reward in itself. We certainly hope to get the chance to work with this customer again, as do we hope to fulfil many more requirements that need urgent assistance at a critical time.