Davico, established in 1971 by Brian Davies, Manufactured and Distributed cable ties, conduits, pvc tape and other electrical wiring accessory products.

Sadly on the 9th September 2013 Davico Industrial Ltd went into liquidation, Davico was one of the UK’s largest suppliers of cable ties, and cable accessories.

We all hear of companies going into receivership but when it’s in your own industry and companies that you have grown up with it strikes home the devastation that this leaves behind.

Davico not only supplied cable ties, they manufactured them under the name of Eurolok and will be a major blow to the cable tie industry in the UK now that they have gone. It takes around 8 weeks to have cable ties shipped from China and the Far East, then the manufacturing over there is all ready pre-booked months in advance, so there is bound to be some short fall in supply over the coming months until the industry catches up, at the very least any orders placed today in the Far East will not be here until the New Year, so if you are a major user of cable ties and were buying from Davico beware.

To all that were at Davico we wish you every success in the future and hope that you all find new employment quickly.

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