Hilltop Products are very pleased to be supporting Medical Equipment/Device Manufacturers throughout the UK; more so especially in this time of crisis. Through our support & supply of our bespoke Hot-Knife Cutting Technology, we have helped to increase productivity and efficiency significantly at numerous companies producing Medical Face Shields and Medical Face Masks nationwide.

Working closely in particular with a Cheshire based company over the course of the last few weeks we have introduced a number of new Hot knife cutting units. With their increased productivity and output they, in turn, have then been able to support us with our request to produce some surplus Medical Face Shields for Hilltop to procure for our community. We are now looking to donate up to 1,000 Face Shields to local Care homes an NHS services in need of the same.

We are therefore reaching out to any local social care or health organisations who have an urgent need for PET Face Shields/Visors. As it stands initially we are looking to limit our donation to 25 Shields Per centre, if you need more in due course then please let us know and subject to availability we will do our best to oblige, we appreciate different centres may have varying needs. Our goal is to offer support to as many local organisations in need as is practically possible. We are initially looking to prioritise local companies within our community based around our area and if you would like to put a request in please fill in the following form: - https://www.hilltop-products.co.uk/mask-request.html

 We can co-ordinate a collection service which we will comply with social distancing and any collections we will confirm approximate times from our Goods In area. We can also in some instances arrange delivery where needed or requested.

These Lightweight thermoformed visors are made from 100% recyclable material & feature an adjustable elastic headband designed to sit away from the face to allow the use of glasses and face masks. The visor has been approved by the MHRA (Medicines & Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency) on device compliance, currently in use with the NHS all devices are only produced at a BRC AA grade manufacturing site.

Throughout the Coronavirus Crisis, a small team at Hilltop Products are working hard and will continue to do so in a bid to ensure that vital products reach the hands of key manufacturers. Be it medical tubing or rubber bungs for ventilators, cable pulling socks for field hospital building or Hot Knife cutters for processing Mask Straps; We firmly believe in lending a helping hand in order to assist our brave key workers and help to save lives. We will continue to assist where possible, please do not hesitate to get in touch if you feel we can help.