Three Things to do with Cork Bungs That Take Less than an Hour

At Hilltop, we feel that Cork Bungs aren’t given enough of the spotlight. They are great in so many ways! From the world’s best scientists needing them for their experiments, all the way to playing an everyday role in the home.

Top off Terrariums

Terrariums are containers that are usually made of glass and filled with gravel, soil and plants and enclosed with a lid or cork bung. When fully enclosed they can become fully self-sufficient, creating their own enclosed eco-system.

Because they are enclosed, they become a great option for people who want pretty plants without the extra maintenance and are an ideal option for people with pets.

What you will need:


  1. Thoroughly clean the glass jar to minimise any chemicals that may be present. Soil and plants are sensitive and will absorb them.
  2. Add a layer of Gravel or Small Stones to the bottom of your terrarium. The depth will depend on the size of your jar. These will act as drainage.
  3. Layer charcoal and soil on top. This needs to be deep enough for your plants. The Charcoal minimises unwelcome bacteria within your soil. Make sure your soil has good drainage. Mix in some Perlite or Bark if you’re feeling extra!
  4. Plant your plants. Don’t overcrowd too much, remember, the plants will grow, especially through Summer.
  5. Add any decorations. Small Stones, Moss or crushed shells finish off a terrarium and add to the layered look they offer.
  6. Give a gentle water. Don’t overdo this! Just enough for the soil to be moist.
  7. Seal it all in with a 100% Natural Cork Bung from Hilltop!

A Basic Terrarium can be made in less than an hour with a few inexpensive items and can be fully customised to work within any room or office. They also make simple, thoughtful and beautiful gifts.

DIY Spice Rack

Looking for a new way to store that multitude of spices that you have accumulated? Something more aesthetic on the eyes and minimises you hunting through jar after jar? A new spice rack might be on the cards.

What you will need:

  • Test Tubes
  • Various Spices
  • Wooden Test Tube Stand (or a box that will hold all of the tubes with minimal free space for wobble)
  • Labels or Sharpies/Glass Pens
  • Hilltop’s Neoprene Rubber Bungs


  1. Clean and dry the test tubes. Ensure they are fully dry so the spices won’t stick.
  2. Empty the spices into a test tube each.
  3. Add labels so they can be quickly and easily identified.
  4. Top them all and seal tightly with a cork bung. This will ensure no air gets into them, keeping them fresher, longer.
  5. Arrange in a box, test tube stand or along the wall for a great display piece.

This DIY is quick and simple and can be made suitable to free up space in the cupboards or pantry or can be attached to a wall to give a farmhouse, cottage core kitchen vibe!

 Storage Bottles

Jars and bottles are a simple and visual choice for storage. They allow you to see exactly what you have and are customizable per room and suitable for almost any aesthetic. Perfect for in the pantry or on display for things you use every day while keeping a space clutter-free.

What you’ll need:

  • Glass/Jar – Try an upcycled wine or beer bottle for something extra.
  • Contents for Jar – Cotton Buds/Pads, Shampoo/Conditioner etc.
  • Labels
  • Hilltop’s Neoprene Cork Bungs


  1. Clean the bottle/glass and dry thoroughly.
  2. Remove any unwanted labels. A hot water bath will loosen the glue to make them easier to peel.
  3. If the jar is an upcycled cut wine/beer bottle it may need sanding to make the edges smooth.
  4. Fill with whatever you like. Storage for cotton buds or for fabric softener are our favourites.
  5. Seal it tight with a Cork bung.
  6. Add a printed label for a finished look.

Storage jars aren’t limited to the home. Fill them with sweets and chocolate or bath salts and petals for the ideal DIY gifts suitable for any special occasion.

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