The Hilltop Products online store now offers the tools you’ll need to professionally wrap your car, but what exactly is car wrapping, why is it now so popular and how is it done?

You’ll find all the information you need right here.

What is car wrapping?

A car wrap is a large vinyl graphic or decal which is applied over the original paint job of a car.

Why should I wrap my car?

There are numerous reasons that car wrapping is a great idea but there are 7, in particular, which should tell you everything you need to know:

1. Price - while a quality paint job is guaranteed to cost thousands, vinyl car wrapping can be accomplished for a lot less.

2. Value - in addition to costing less, car wrapping could allow you to get more back, because maintaining the original paint job of your car and can allow you to temporarily enjoy something more divisive or exotic, without putting off a potential buyer.

3. Time - if you choose to get your car painted you could find yourself without a car for weeks, but with professional car wrapping you’ll only have to do without for days, or if you get the tools you need and do it yourself, you’ll take even less time.

4. Choice - a wide variety of car wraps are available which means the possibilities are endless. You don’t have to settle for the colour you bought, or whatever factory paint is available. You can have whatever you want. Better yet, if you change your mind, you can remove the wrap and try something different.

5. Protection - your vinyl cover doesn’t just look great, it protects your car’s original paint job from the elements, in addition to chips, scratches and other hazards.

6. Maintenance - do you enjoy waxing your car? Neither do we, and thanks to vinyl wrapping we don’t need to. All we have to do is wash our cars with soap and water.

7. Safety and reliability - Car wrapping is a long lasting solution, but when the time comes that you want to remove your vinyl, the wrap can be taken off without damaging the paint job beneath.

How do I wrap a car?

Car wrapping typically occurs in 3 phases:

1. Design - accurate measurements for the car are combined with designs for the graphic you want to apply to the car.

2. Production - the graphic is printed and the vinyl is laminated for protection

3. Installation - the vinyl is applied to the vehicle and wrapped into place using a heat gun.

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