Esteemed global analysts Technavio are predicting strong growth in the international automotive wiring harness market thanks in a large part to higher electric vehicle penetration and increasing demand for more advanced electronics in cars.

The report predicts steady market sector growth for the next four years and an overall CAGR of about six per cent by 2020.

As a trusted partner of some of the largest cable harness manufacturers in Britain, Hilltop Products welcomes the news and looks forward to helping drive growth. 

Electric vehicles driving growth

The report is clear about where the market sector growth is coming from. Jumping fuel prices and the constant pressure to reduce carbon emissions are accelerating the world’s demand for electric vehicles.

At the same time, as the on-board experience of driving gets more and more advanced – with parking sensors, driver assists, seat heaters and (sometime soon) self-driving capabilities – the on-board electronics have become more advanced too.  

Commenting on the growth of the vehicle electronics sector, Technavio’s lead analyst said: “The increase in adoption of electric vehicles has prompted original equipment manufacturers to invest in R&D to bridge the gap between internal combustion engines and vehicles run on electric energy. This will lead to an increased application of connectors and wiring harnesses in the automotive industry.”

More electronics in cars and commercial vehicles means more wiring harness systems will be required to hold them. And with more electronics to hold, manufacturers are increasingly looking for compact and lightweight harnesses to occupy less space and connect every component.

Britain has proved central to electric vehicle development and it seems likely that British producers will benefit in the future.

A large proportion of Brits drive electric vehicles compared with the rest of the world. The Chief Executive of Jaguar Land Rover also recently signalled his desire to design and build the company’s electric cars in the UK.

The vehicle wire harness market has also received a boost from increased demand for more advanced electronics in cars and commercial vehicles.

Advanced settings and safety systems like advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), on-board diagnostics equipment to monitor emissions and other electronic components all need hard wiring in to the skeleton of a vehicle.

More advanced technology will also lead to the development of tougher harnesses that are capable of handling 48V. This will require better shielding against electromagnetic interference and more advanced safety systems.

The specialist nature of these requirements and this work will mean that more of the work should be outsourced to independent experts.

Europe to be a hotbed of harness growth

Technavio predict that Europe will be a key geographic region for the automotive wiring harness market. The report highlights Europe as a major hub of the vehicle manufacturing industry.

In countries like the UK, Germany and France the report says: “The introduction of stringent carbon emission norms that drive the demand for next-generation automotive connectors and the demand for advance driving systems such as collision warning and collision control systems, will drive the demand for wiring harness in this region.”

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