Transport for London requires a new fleet of trains for London Overground, and Bombardier have won the £260 million contract to build the fleet. This will involve the manufacture of 45 new trains to be introduced in 2018.

The trains are due to be built at Bombardier’s facility in Derby and will be replacing a fleet now quickly becoming obsolete. This will provide untold benefits to passengers who will be provided with more reliable and higher capacity services.

This contract will include the manufacture and maintenance of the new fleet on Bombardier’s part, meaning the door is still open for TfL to order yet more trains should future circumstances demand it. This is a great arrangement for both Bombardier, who will see the obvious business benefits, as well as Transport for London who know they have a safety net to fall back on should future demand exceed current capacity forecasts.

Bombardier is a customer we have previously reported the successes and opportunities for, and indeed it’s still encouraging to see them continuing to thrive. We now look forward to supplying our products and services to our highly valued customer with regards to this new London Overground project!