It’s always great to hear stories of success amidst a now recovering economy. Especially so when such stories are regarding some of our valued customers!

 Last week on the 6th February it was announced that Bombardier have won a contract to provide rolling stock and a new depot for Crossrail, with a value of around £1 billion!

As well as an estimated 74% of the contract spend remaining in the UK, the project looks set to open up around 1000 new jobs and 100 apprenticeships. These going towards the construction both of the new trains and the new depot at Old Oak Common.

 In the long-term, Crossrail will boost London’s rail-based capacity by 10%. With a population set to increase by around 1.6million in the next 16 years, this will present a huge benefit to the people relying on such transport and allow for easier and more efficient journeys. Add onto that the estimated 55,000 new full time jobs and 75,000 business opportunities opened up by Crossrail and it’s hard to deny the incredible benefits this project is looking to provide.

 You can find all the details of this announcement in this article published on the official website.

 It’s encouraging to know that one of our customers is involved in such an important improvement to London’s transport system, and that the knock-on effects of such will provide economic relief nationwide. We certainly look forward to potentially helping Bombardier along the way with this well deserved contract.