If you were to ask what's the fastest speed at which you can drive a car, you need look no further than Andy Green. In 1997 he set the world land speed record when he drove the Thrust SSC at a blistering 763 miles per hour! If that's not fast enough for you, he's at it again and this time he's aiming for 1000mph! Hilltop were lucky enough to receive a call for help from his latest team, the Bloodhound Project!

ZHTM Heat Shrink Tubing

Our sales team are quite used to high specification enquiries. That's why we stock a range of fuel resistant, high temperature, heavy duty tubings and heat shrinks. They can be used in all sorts of applications, from automotive, aerospace, marine and underground where safety and reliability is invaluable. However, it becomes a very different issue when you need heat shrink tubing which must be flame & chemical resistant and suitable for use in the cockpit of a jet-powered, supersonic, world record smashing hyper vehicle!

Following protracted discussions on the application and the stringent requirements that were required, we issued a variety of  samples backed with detailed specifications, the Bloodhound team in due course settled on a range of sizes from our performance ZHTM Zero halogen free, low fire hazard, extra thick wall heat shrinkable protection.

The sheer scale of this project from an engineering perspective is monumental, and it's been fascinating to follow their progress as they work towards their end goal of taking the car to Africa to make the record attempt. However, this also means that materials can't afford to be lying around their HQ before they're needed. Bloodhound have a tight schedule, and only needed the material some weeks later. Hilltop made the necessary preperations, and the order was despatched the day before expected arrival on a priority next day service.

Thankfully, the project has continued work, with a test for the machine being performed at Newquay Airport today (26th October 2017)


We'll be following this incredible story with excitement and anticipation, knowing Hilltop materials will be helping the Bloodhound as it rockets through the African deserts. Feel free to take a look at the official Bloodhound project below. We wish the best of luck to the whole team!