British CyclingIt's being hailed as one of the nation's favourite sports, and it's easy to see why! Over the years we've enjoyed a great deal of amazing spectacles from cycling. So why exactly would the head organisation of cycling in the UK need Hilltop's help? Well, as we came to find out, why not?

We're used to seeing it on television and across internet headlines, with Great Britain enjoying astounding success in recent events like the Olympics. So receiving word that our products are needed by the British Cycling Federation was a great honour.

Our happy customer later got in touch with our Sales Director, Rebecca, to let her know that all was well with their latest order:

"Everything was fine, thanks Rebecca. We've used this product successfully. This has suited our needs perfectly, you can expect further orders from us ongoing and I look forward to further cooperation. Your valued assistance and fast response was greatly appreciated as the team now prepare for the forthcoming world cup in Milton Canada"

Whilst the training and sheer motivation of the athletes is undoubtedly a force to be reckoned with, there's also much to be considered from the technical side of things too. From aerodynamics, power-to-weight ratios, center of gravity and all sorts of other scientific and mathematic considerations, praise has to be given to the engineers behind the athletes.

Thankfully our products were able to aid this more behind-the-scenes aspect of the sport and we hope to keep in touch with British Cycling to further aid them in their efforts for record-breaking olympic performances.